Most of my Chogokin figures I've reviewed as Godaikin toys... This is because I had heard of, and started collecting, Godaikin before I knew much about Chogokin, so I feel a strange sort of loyalty towards the failed US import version... This Chogokin section serves mainly to house the few figures I have which weren't actually released as part of Godaikin. As the latter generally picked the cream of the figures, I can't see that particular quirk of mine shifting much, however illogical it might seem. Thus, many of the links are to reviews in the Godaikin section which use the Western names.

The Lightan figures were something I got into before even Godaikin, and in my ignorance I always treated it as some sort of independent line, like Machine Robo. Now I know the truth, but I'm pretty set in my ways, so they're keeping their own section. However, I've linked the reviews here for convenience as well.

GA-09 Raideen DX

GA-12 Getter Poseidon

GA-80 Voltes V ST

GA-81 Daitetsujin 17 DX

GA-85 Daimos DX

GA-90 Leopaldon DX

GB-11 Gardian DX

GB-14 Daidenjin DX

GB-18/19/20 Godsigma DX

GB-36 Golion DX

GB-37 Gold Lightan

GB-38 Scope Lightan

GB-40 Time Lightan

GB-41 Denji Lightan

GB-42 Mechanic Lightan

GB-68 Godmars DX

GB-70 GoggleRobo DX

GB-72 Dairugger XV DX

GB-73 Dairugger XV ST

GB-81 Coin Lightan

GB-83 Light Lightan

GB-84 Cutter Lightan

GB-85 Meter Lightan

GB-86 IC Lightan

GB-96 DynaRobo DX

GB-97 DynaRobo ST

GC-13 BioRobo DX

GC-15 Laserion ST

GC-16 Vavilos ST

GC-17 Laserion DX

GC-20 Vavilos DX

GC-30 Dancougar DX

GD-16 RX-78 Gundam

GD-28 RGM-79 GM

GD-44 MSZ-006 Z-Gundam

GD-53 MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki

GD-60 MSZ-010 ZZ-Gundam