Grand Prix Classic

Round 11 - Dutch Grand Prix
Zandvoort, 23-25 August, 1985
Team-by-Team Review

McLaren MP4/2B-TAG
1. Niki Lauda (Aut)
2. Alain Prost (Fr)

Inability to use qualifying levels of boost leaves Prost 4th on the grid, with Lauda 10th. Prost 3rd by lap 2, 2nd by lap 14 and takes lead when Rosberg retires. Lauda advances to 3rd by lap 14 behind Prost before making his tyre stop on lap 21. As others pit, takes the lead on lap 33 when Prost pits. Prost resumes 3rd, passes Senna and then closes right up to Lauda. Pair fight tooth-and-claw but Lauda perseveres for first victory since 1984 Italian Grand Prix; 2nd for Prost gives him title lead by three points. Team also takes first 1-2 of the year, and are only five points behind Ferrari in constructors' cup.

Tyrrell 014-Renault
3. Stefan Bellof (Ger)
4. Martin Brundle (GB)

Despite still only having two 014s, both drivers allowed to compete with Renault power for first time. Brundle, using qualifying boost, starts 21st, one place ahead of Bellof. As usual, both advance smartly in early stages - Bellof to 11th, Brundle to 10th. Slow tyre stops cost both time and positions. Bellof out of 12th on lap 40 with engine failure, but Brundle drives well to finish lapped 7th.

Williams FW10-Honda
5. Nigel Mansell (GB)
6. Keke Rosberg (Fin)

Rosberg once again shows speed, qualifying 2nd. Takes the lead as Piquet stalls and leads first 20 laps before Honda expires. Mansell qualifies 7th, reaching 5th before tyre stop. Forced to make a second stop and disappointed with a lapped 6th place, having set third fastest race lap when charging on fresh rubber.

Brabham BT54-BMW
7. Nelson Piquet (Brz)
8. Marc Surer (Swz)

Piquet takes first pole position of the season, with Surer in 9th. However, Piquet stalls on the grid. Push-started after losing nearly a lap and charges through the field. Progress derailed by atypically poor pitstop, and despite setting 5th fastest race lap ends up lapped 8th. Surer attempts to run non-stop on hard Pirellis and reaches 4th and mid-distance. However, drops back as tyres fade, and further slowed by broken exhaust which drops him to last and then proves terminal five laps from the end.

RAM 03-Hart
9. Philippe Alliot (Fr)
10. Kenny Acheson (GB)

Another miserable weekend. Acheson fails to qualify and Alliot only 25th after both share a car in only dry session, Acheson only setting a single flying lap before the engine breaks. Alliot out from 12th of 13 runners on lap 52 with another Hart failure.

Lotus 97T-Renault
11. Elio de Angelis (It)
12. Ayrton Senna (Brz)

Senna qualifies 4th (after being fined by stewards for driving car through paddock), with de Angelis (linked to Brabham) 11th after traffic problem. Senna up to 2nd at the start, but unable to keep with Rosberg and passed by both McLarens when his engine briefly cuts out. Regains 2nd after pitstop for tyres, but with down on power engine is passed by Prost. Just about fends off last-lap assault by Alboreto to take 3rd, despite very sick Renault.

Renault RE60B-Renault
15. Patrick Tambay (Fr)
16. Derek Warwick (GB)

Tambay qualifies strong 5th, with Warwick 12th (after a collision with Patrese). However, Tambay crashes in morning warm-up and starts from pitlane after misfire in the spare. Both drivers highly impressive in the early stages - Warwick 3rd by lap 22, with Tambay holding station behind. Both retire just after mid-distance - announced as transmission (Tambay) and gearbox (Warwick) failures; however, given unexpected pace of both cars, many strongly believe Renault were running with low fuel loads and high boost.

Arrows A8-BMW
17. Gerhard Berger (Aut)
18. Thierry Boutsen (Bel)

Good straight-line speed sees Boutsen start 8th and Berger 14th. Boutsen stalls at the start and drops to second-last. Drives well to reach 9th before tyre stop, but out of 10th on lap 55 with rear suspension failure. Berger struggles to preserve tyres, and with resulting handling penalty can only finish 9th, two laps down.

Toleman TG185-Hart
19. Teo Fabi (It)
20. Piercarlo Ghinzani (It)

Fabi qualifies in superb 5th, with Ghinzani a respectable 15th. Good start sees him move into 4th briefly, but passed by Prost and Lauda. Then holds 6th comfortably until wheel bearings fail and cause huge handling problems on lap 19. Ghinzani troubled by sick engine almost from the start, and retires on lap 13 when motor fails altogether.

Alfa Romeo 184TB-Alfa Romeo
22. Riccardo Patrese (It)
23. Eddie Cheever (USA)

Disastrous meeting for team. With cars handling badly, Patrese qualifies 19th (after colliding with Warwick) and Cheever 20th. Then both retire on the first lap, both with blown turbochargers. Patrese and Cheever both looking elsewhere for a drive in 1986.

Osella FA1G-Alfa Romeo
24. Huub Rothengatter (Hol)

Centre of local media attention, Rothengatter only just qualifies in 26th. Race ruined by long early stops to fix misfiring Alfa Romeo engine, but despite losing 12 laps continues to the finish, but does not complete enough laps to be classified. At least gains the team's sponsors much exposure due to much attention from Dutch television director.

Ligier JS25-Renault
25. Andrea de Cesaris (It)
26. Jacques Laffite (Fr)

Ahead of the race, de Cesaris informed he will be replaced before the Italian Grand Prix. Qualifies an unhappy 18th. Advances to 10th before retiring with a broken turbo. Laffite starts 13th, and retires from the same position on lap 18 when an electrical short cuts power and causes the car to stop.

Ferrari 156/85-Ferrari
27. Michele Alboreto (It)
28. Stefan Johansson (Swe)

Appalling qualifying sees Alboreto line up 16th, with Johansson 17th. Suspension tweaks see them improve to 4th and 5th best in the warm-up, and both advance smartly in the race. Johansson retires from 11th on lap 10 with engine failure. Alboreto climbs to 7th before pitstop, then presses on to finish full-distance 4th, having just failed to separate Senna from 3rd place on the last lap.

Minardi M185-Motori Moderni
29. Pierluigi Martini (It)

Surprisingly incident-free practice sees Martini qualify comfortably in 24th place. However, his race ends on the first lap with a massive accident at chicane that removes two wheels from the car, and is lucky to be unhurt.

Zakspeed 841-Zakspeed
30. Jonathan Palmer (GB)

With new higher-revving engine (11,000rpm now) Palmer qualifies 23rd. Makes a good start to finish first lap in 17th place, but slows and then retires with falling oil pressure after completing only 13 laps.