Grand Prix Classic

Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco, 31 May-3 June, 1984
Team-by-Team Review

Brabham BT53-BMW
1. Nelson Piquet (Brz)
2. Corrado Fabi (It)

Corrado Fabi deputises for brother Teo (away racing Indycars), having tested at Nogaro ahead of the weekend. Qualifies 15th, despite fuel problems on Thursday afternoon. Piquet, no lover of Monaco, starts 9th. Drops to 16th by the end of the first lap, and retires from 11th on lap 16 after water gets into ignition system and stops engine. Fabi up to 10th on first lap, but passed by Bellof and then spins down to last. Passes Patrese, but spins out of 14th on lap 9, stalling engine.

Tyrrell 012-Cosworth
3. Martin Brundle (GB)
4. Stefan Bellof (Ger)

Mixed fortunes - Bellof qualifies 20th; Brundle (with new Yardley sponsorship on car) only 22nd after massive smash on Saturday leaves him with concussion, and fails to qualify. Bellof sensational in race - 10th by the end of lap 1, then passes Fabi, Laffite, Winkelhock, Rosberg and Arnoux in stunning drive to reach superb 3rd by lap 27. Gaining on Prost and Senna when race stopped, and has to settle for first-ever podium finish.

Williams FW09-Honda
5. Jacques Laffite (Fr)
6. Keke Rosberg (Fin)

Car's faults highlighted at tight Monaco - Rosberg qualifies 10th, with Laffite 16th. Handling degenerates further during wet race. Rosberg instantly up to 6th, but unable to hold Senna or Bellof. Drives sensibly to finish 5th, despite misfiring Honda V6. Laffite rockets up to 8th, but pits on lap 9 with suspected puncture. Rejoins and circulates to finish 8th and last, one lap down.

McLaren MP4/2-TAG
7. Alain Prost (Fr)
8. Niki Lauda (Aut)

Confident Prost takes team's first pole position of the season, with Lauda 8th after niggling problems on both days. In the race, Prost leads laps 1-10 before being passed by Mansell. Retakes the lead when the Lotus crashes, but with brake problem is rapidly caught by Senna. Race is controversially stopped just as the Toleman is about to pass Prost, but the McLaren is awarded victory - albeit only half points. Lauda, fastest in wet warm up, 5th at the start; passes both Ferraris to run 3rd, but unable to close on leaders. Up to 2nd after Mansell crashes, but passed by Senna on lap 19. Spins out of 3rd at Casino on lap 23, stalling the engine and retiring.

RAM 02-Hart
9. Philippe Alliot (Fr)
10. Jonathan Palmer (GB)

Lack of rear end downforce and general aerodynamic inefficiency continues to plague both cars. After both drivers lose engines on Thursday morning, forced to share a car in the afternoon's session. After more problems on Saturday morning, both fail to qualify, despite Palmer finding over two seconds by the afternoon session.

Lotus 95T-Renault
11. Elio de Angelis (It)
12. Nigel Mansell (GB)

Mansell qualifies a superb 2nd for first-ever front row start, with de Angelis starting 11th after using the spare on Saturday. Mansell strong 2nd laps 1-10 before passing Prost to lead a Grand Prix for the first time. However, crashes five laps later pushing too hard. Delayed by Warwick/Tambay collision, de Angelis drops to 14th. Catches and passes Ghinzani on his way to a lapped 6th.

14. Manfred Winkelhock (Ger)

Winkelhock crashes heavily on Thursday, pulling a shoulder muscle, destroying D6 spare car and causing team to place reserve driver Stefan Johansson on standby. However, after massage session with Lauda's physio Willi Dungl, recovers to qualify comfortable 12th on Saturday. Up to 7th on the first lap and runs well, albeit unable to hold off Senna or Bellof. Attacks Rosberg for 6th place on lap 22, only to slide off into retirement.

Renault RE50-Renault
15. Patrick Tambay (Fr)
16. Derek Warwick (GB)

Warwick, still slightly sore from Dijon accident, starts 5th with Tambay alongside in 6th. However, Warwick nudged by Arnoux at first corner, spins and collects Tambay, eliminating both cars on the spot. Despite low speed, both drivers injured - Tambay fractured leg, Warwick bruises - raising serious questions about strength of composite material RE50.

Arrows A6-Cosworth
17. Marc Surer (Swz)
Arrows A7-BMW
18. Thierry Boutsen (Bel)

Surer opts to stay in Cosworth car, believing it to be more suited to Monaco. Sets better times than Boutsen in much-revised turbo car, but as only 21st and 24th fastest, neither qualifies for the race.

Toleman TG184-Hart
19. Ayrton Senna (Brz)
20. Johnny Cecotto (Ven)

Bittersweet meeting for team. Senna qualifies 14th in spare after crash on Thursday, Cecotto 18th after boost problems. Cecotto spins out of 15th on second lap, but Senna star of the race. Revelling in new chassis and Michelin wets, passes Laffite, Winkelhock, Rosberg, Arnoux and Lauda to reach 2nd by lap 19. Then rapidly gains on Prost, setting fastest lap, only to be frustrated by red flag. Team and driver's first rostrum finish tainted by belief controversial race stoppage robbed them of a fairytale victory.

Spirit 101-Hart
21. Mauro Baldi (It)

Team continuing to survive on a race-by-race basis. Baldi crashes on Saturday morning, and takes timed session in spare. Turbo blows, leaving him 26th fastest and a non-qualifier. With Brian Hart unable to provide further engines, team will revert to Cosworth DFY power from Canadian Grand Prix onwards.

Alfa Romeo 184T-Alfa Romeo
22. Riccardo Patrese (It)
23. Eddie Cheever (USA)

Another dire meeting for well-funded under-performing team. Bad throttle lag sees both among provisional non-qualifiers on Thursday. Patrese then qualifies 15th on Saturday, but neglects to share his findings with Cheever, who is only 23rd fastest and doesn't make the grid. Patrese delayed by first corner accident, then drops to last after colliding with Hesnault on lap 7. Retires from 10th and last on lap 24 when waterlogged engine misfires and tips him into a spin.

Osella FA1F-Alfa Romeo
24. Piercarlo Ghinzani (It)

After being an excellent 14th on Thursday, Ghinzani drops to 19th but nevertheless becomes the first Osella driver to qualify at Monaco. Up to 12th by the end of the first lap and runs maturely. Unable to fight off de Angelis or Alboreto, but nevertheless finishes a fine 8th place, one lap down, for team's best finish since 1982 San Marino Grand Prix.

Ligier JS23-Renault
25. Francois Hesnault (Fr)
26. Andrea de Cesaris (It)

New suspension system greatly improves handling, and de Cesaris qualifies well in 7th (despite tangle with Patrese) and Hesnault starting 17th. Sadly, de Cesaris brakes hard avoiding first corner accident, is punted by Hesnault, and retires with accident damage. Having lost his nosecone Hesnault collides with Patrese on lap 7 while taking 13th place at Station hairpin, and retires from 12th on lap 12 with waterlogged ignition system.

Ferrari 126C4-Ferrari
27. Michele Alboreto (It)
28. Rene Arnoux (Fr)

Greatly improved form sees Arnoux start 3rd and Alboreto 4th. Both passed by Lauda, and then Alboreto spins down to 16th and last on lap 8, continuing after marshals push him at Saint Devote. Arnoux passed by Senna and Bellof, but takes 4th place despite waterlogged engine. Alboreto recovers well to come home 7th.