Grand Prix Classic

Round 10 - British Grand Prix
Brands Hatch, 16-18 July, 1982
Team-by-Team Review

Brabham BT50-BMW
1. Nelson Piquet (Brz)
2. Riccardo Patrese (It)

Team cause a buzz in the paddock by revealing their planned fuel stop race plan. All seems to shape up well for them initially as Patrese starts 2nd and Piquet 3rd. Better as Rosberg stalls on the grid, allowing Patrese effective pole and Piquet a clear track ahead of them. However, the race rapidly turns into a disaster. Patrese stalls at the start, and is hit by Arnoux just to make sure he doesn't get any further. Piquet leads laps 1-9 pulling away from Lauda at roughly the rate needed to make his fuel stop, only for a fuel pump to break and end his race. The team later claims he was running on full tanks anyway, but this is taken with a pinch of salt. Any hoped-for championship challenge back in the balance.

Tyrrell 011-Cosworth
3. Michele Alboreto (It)
4. Brian Henton (GB)

Alboreto happy with 9th on the grid, and Henton a respectable 17th. Alboreto finishes the first lap 5th, but slips behind Daly and de Cesaris. Runs 7th until forced to pit with a skirt problem, and ends up unclassified after several stops to fix it. Henton up to 11th by lap 40, but obliged to stop for new tyres to replace blistered set. Charges back out, setting fastest lap of the race on lap 63, on his way to a lapped 8th.

Williams FW08-Cosworth
5. Derek Daly (Ire)
6. Keke Rosberg (Fin)

Frustrating weekend for the team. Rosberg staggeringly fast in practice, taking his first pole position ahead of the turbo cars. However, stalls on parade lap and has to start from the back. Charges through the field - up to 15th lap 1; 11th lap 6, fastest man on track and 26 seconds behind leader Piquet; passes de Cesaris, Prost and Tambay to run 7th lap 13, but is forced to pit lap 16 for new tyres. Starts charging again, only for the fuel pressure to drop, eventually causing retirement on lap 51 after pit stop fails to fix problem. Daly also runs well early on, in the points by the end of lap 1, then passes de Cesaris lap 3 and de Angelis 10 to run 3rd. Attacks Pironi but then drops back with blistered tyres; repassed by de Angelis before pitting. Moves up the order late in the race with fresher rubber, passing Giacomelli and Prost, just falling short of passing de Angelis again and finishing 5th.

McLaren MP4B-Cosworth
7. John Watson (GB)
8. Niki Lauda (Aut)

Mixed fortunes for the two drivers. Watson, under British media spotlight thanks to his championship lead, starts disappointing 12th. Then has worst race of the year so far - onto the grass avoiding Patrese/Arnoux at the start and down to 17th on first lap. Then on lap 3 spins avoiding Jarier/Serra collision and stalls. Lauda has relatively boring but much more successful race. Starts from 5th on the grid; benefits from start accidents to get past Pironi and run comfortable second, content to play waiting game with Piquet. It pays off when the Brabham retires and Lauda takes the lead. Then paces himself, building lead up to 40s before unwinding in the last third of the race, taking his 2nd victory of the year (and 19th of his career) by over 25 seconds.

ATS D5-Cosworth
9. Eliseo Salazar (Chi)
10. Manfred Winkelhock (Ger)

Team have numerous problems setting up the car properly on Michelin tyres, and struggle throughout qualifying. Neither driver qualifies for the first time in 1982, Winkelhock missing out by 0.02s and Salazar by 0.147s. After a promising start to the season, Gunther Schmidt's outfit seem to be stagnating.

Lotus 91-Cosworth
11. Elio de Angelis (It)
12. Nigel Mansell (GB)

Mansell returns for his home Grand Prix with left arm strapped up. Driving basically one-handed, he qualifies 23rd. Runs near the tail of the field in difficult car until pitting on lap 2 with skirt problem. Repairs fail to rectify the problem and he retires five laps later. Much better for de Angelis, who is sensational 4th on Friday with experimental push-rod suspension, despite old engine. New engine put in for Saturday, but it causes understeer and he only qualifies 7th. Runs comfortably with Pironi early on, but passed by Daly and then Warwick. Retakes the Williams when its' tyres go and challenges Pironi for second once again after Warwick retires, but is forced to drop back with upset engine. Passed by Tambay on the last lap, but just about stays ahead of Daly and Prost to finish 4th, the power cutting entirely as he approaches the line.

Ensign N181-Cosworth
14. Robert Guerrero (Col)

Despite still only having a single worn DFV, Guerrero qualifies an excellent 19th place. Runs even more impressive 12th early on after a good start, only for the engine to finally let go on lap 4. Hard-trying team and decent driver deserve better.

Renault RE30B-Renault
15. Alain Prost (Fr)
16. Rene Arnoux (Fr)

Another disaster. Arnoux qualifies a respectable 6th, then inexplicably fails to avoid stalled Patrese at the start, retiring on the spot. Aiming for the finish, a demoralised Prost starts in 8th. Runs at a steady pace with Giacomelli for much of the race, and as others encounter problems moves up to 6th, finishing there for his first point since Brazil. However, his championship challenge remains in deep trouble.

March 821-Cosworth
17. Jochen Mass (Ger)
18. Raul Boesel (Brz)
19. Emilio de Villota (Sp)

Emilio de Villota's backers withdraw on Friday morning, and he doesn't run. Boesel doesn't go much further, slowest of all and fails to qualify, while Mass starts 25th. Runs last for practically the whole race, but finishes 10th and last, three laps behind. Insult added to injury by Pirelli's improvement, with team stuck on dead-end ex-Avon tyre stock. Rothmans rumoured to be taking their money elsewhere in 1983.

Fittipaldi F8D-Cosworth
20. Chico Serra (Brz)

New Richard Divilia-designed F9 present at Brands, but Serra uses the F8D to qualify decent 21st. Tries the F9 in Saturday free practice, but spins, and the undamaged car is hurriedly retrieved and stowed away by nervous team. Races in the old car, up to an excellent 13th on the first lap, but taken out by Jarier on lap 3, hitting the barrier heavily but thankfully without injury.

Alfa Romeo 182-Alfa Romeo
22. Andrea de Cesaris (It)
23. Bruno Giacomelli (It)

Poor qualifying sees de Cesaris start 11th, with Giacomelli 14th. Both run well in the race. After a good start de Cesaris 6th at the end of lap 1, and - after passing and being passed by several cars - seems established in 5th by lap 52. However, electrical problem causes engine to go sick; passed by Prost and then Daly, then out of 7th lap 67 when the motor cuts out altogether. Giacomelli also races sensibly, up to 8th at the start and typically running between 7th and 9th at a constant speed. Comes home a lapped but relieved 7th for his first finish since South African Grand Prix.

Ligier JS19-Matra
Ligier JS17B-Matra
25. Eddie Cheever (USA)
26. Jacques Laffite (Fr)

Continued difficulties with their chassis. Laffite decides to press on with the JS19, but Cheever again plumps for JS17B. Poor qualifying once more - Laffite 20th, Cheever 24th. Run together at the tail of the field near the start, but begin moving up. Laffite reaches 9th before his gearbox fails after 41 laps. Cheever up to fine fighting 7th on lap 60, only for the engine to let go a lap later. Team remain in a complete state.

Ferrari 126C2-Ferrari
27. Patrick Tambay (Fr)
28. Didier Pironi (Fr)

Team don't expect heavy car to be particularly competitive at Brands, and are satisfied with 4th (Pironi) and 13th (Tambay) on the grid. Pironi into third at the start, which becomes second when Piquet retires. Fends off Daly before being passed by Warwick. Back up to 2nd on lap 41 when the Toleman retires, and holds off a challenge from de Angelis to finish there and move into the lead of the championship. Tambay starts off steadily but finds his groove as the race goes on, into the points on lap 29; 4th by lap 52, then chases down struggling de Angelis on the last lap to score first Ferrari points and personal best finish.

Arrows A4-Cosworth
29. Marc Surer (Swz)
30. Mauro Baldi (It)

Car doesn't have the speed or handling to compete at Brands, so Arrows settle for their usual competent but unspectacular performance. Surer starts 22nd, Baldi just squeezes in at 26th. Both circulate near the rear of the field after most of their usual opposition disappear, with Surer also dropping out on lap 60 when the engine cuts out. Baldi soldiers on to another finish in 9th, two laps behind.

Osella FA1C-Cosworth
31. Jean-Pierre Jarier (Fr)

Only one car again for Jarier, who qualifies a handy 18th place. Good start sees him up to 12th place, only for the suspension to fail on lap 3, detaching a wheel and pitching him into Serra's Fittpaldi.

Theodore TY02-Cosworth
33. Jan Lammers (Hol)

Only 28th fastest despite the presence of a second TY02 for the first time, Jan Lammers fails to qualify once more.

Toleman TG181C-Hart
35. Derek Warwick (GB)
36. Teo Fabi (It)

Further improved form, with Fabi starting 15th and Warwick 16th. The Italian goes no further than the first corner after hitting a stray wheel from Arnoux's car. Warwick up to 11th on the first lap, and sensationally passes Tambay, Prost, Giacomelli, de Cesaris, de Angelis, Daly and Pironi to run stunning second on lap 25, to the joy of spectators. Still there safely on lap 41 when a driveshaft joint breaks, ending his race. Much innuendo about the team not planning to finish deflected by the team, who credit Pirelli's advances in tyres and Brian Hart's latest T415R engine for improvement. New TG183 expected before the end of the season.