Grand Prix Classic

Round 7 - United States Grand Prix
Detroit, 4-6 June, 1982
Team-by-Team Review

Brabham BT50-BMW
1. Nelson Piquet (Brz)
Brabham BT49D-Cosworth
2. Riccardo Patrese (It)

A dreadful weekend for the team. Piquet has a breakdown in one turbo car and doesn't get along with the other, and after rain in the afternoon session fails to qualify to general amazement. Patrese does get in, but only at 14th. Bad start drops him to 17th; passes Surer, but then hits the wall lap 7 when avoiding Roberto Guerrero.

Tyrrell 011-Cosworth
3. Michele Alboreto (It)
4. Brian Henton (GB)

An off weekend, with cars back in blue after Candy withdraw sponsorship. Both cars struggle all weekend; Alboreto disappointing 16th, Henton 20th. Alboreto makes a bad start and is struck by Baldi; loses two laps in the pits getting repairs and runs last until crashing out on lap 41. Henton survives a clout from Baldi, and is 14th for second start. Then hit by Alboreto and forced to pit for a new rear wing, but the spare has Alboreto's settings and upsets the car's handling. Presses on to catch and pass Serra, finishing 9th, two laps down.

Williams FW08-Cosworth
5. Derek Daly (Ire)
6. Keke Rosberg (Fin)

Excellent qualifying sees Rosberg start 3rd, but Daly is only 12th. Rosberg up to second on lap 4, and is unhappy with the race stoppage as he was just beginning to get into a rhythm. Nevertheless, tracks Prost after restart, cutting down the Renault's lead and passing on lap 23 when Prost slows. However, then loses third gear and is stuck with graining Goodyears. Passed by Watson lap 36, Cheever lap 40, Laffite lap 47, Pironi lap 48 and Daly lap 52 to drop to 6th, but repasses Laffite and has enough in hand from first race to be classified ahead of Daly. In the second car, Daly runs relatively well to finish the first heat in 9th. Then runs in midfield for much of the race, coming through at the end as others retire to finish 5th on the track, but 6th behind Rosberg in final classification.

McLaren MP4B-Cosworth
7. John Watson (GB)
8. Niki Lauda (Aut)

Neither driver particularly impressive in practice, both complaining of severe understeer and ending up 10th (Lauda) and 17th (Watson). However, they find the cars much better in race trim. Lauda finishes the first heat in 7th with Watson 14th. Stars of the race after the restart. Watson passes 12 cars with his full repertoire of dives, slipstreams, feints and perfectly judged braking, before chasing down Rosberg and passing him too, all before half-distance. Then obliterates Rosberg's aggregate lead and extends large cushion before easing off and winning comfortably by 25 seconds. Lauda latches on to the Pironi/Cheever/Giacomelli battle, passing Giacomelli and then later Prost before letting Watson through. Then takes Cheever and Pironi on lap 34 before closing up on Rosberg. However, try to dive past the Williams at the first corner from too far back and damages the car, ending his race.

ATS D5-Cosworth
9. Eliseo Salazar (Chi)
10. Manfred Winkelhock (Ger)

Winkelhock and Michelin seem to be getting on well, the German lining up superb 5th in qualifying, then fastest in the Sunday morning warm-up. However, damages a steering arm on the formation lap, and repairs upset the car's balance. Winkelhock caught out, drops to 9th at start and crashes on lap 1. Salazar only qualifies 25th, and is one of Baldi's victims on the first lap. Stops for repairs, but retires from last after hitting the wall on lap 15.

Lotus 91-Cosworth
11. Elio de Angelis (It)
12. Nigel Mansell (GB)

Excellent qualifying for team, with Mansell 7th and de Angelis 8th. Mansell starts well to run 5th; de Angelis starts badly and drops to 14th. Spends next five laps trying to get past Guerrero before hitting the Ensign, triggering race stoppage. Starts second race from 12th, but drops into the pits with a malfunctioning gearbox on lap 18 and retires. Mansell starts second race 4th, but drops to 6th at first corner before getting thumped by Arnoux. Falls back further with upset handling, but keeps on the tail of Daly until his engine seizes when 7th on lap 45

Ensign N181-Cosworth
14. Robert Guerrero (Col)

Michelin tyre contract arranged in time for a track which suits the tyre, helping Guerrero qualify a superb 11th on the grid for second ever start. Runs there for first few laps under pressure from de Angelis before leaving it too late to close the door on the Lotus. Contact sends the Ensign into the air, the landing breaking the right-rear suspension and ending the Columbian's race. Still, overall an uplifting weekend for beleaguered team.

Renault RE30B-Renault
15. Alain Prost (Fr)
16. Rene Arnoux (Fr)

Prost gives Renault 5th successive pole, but Arnoux only starts 15th after crashing in practice and having to share spare with Prost. Prost leads from both starts until lap 23, when a problem with the engine causes power to drop off at higher speeds. Slips down to 7th before making long repair stop. Returns several laps down and sets fastest lap, and still running at the end, albeit too far behind to be classified. Arnoux up to 8th before the race is stopped, and shoves up to 6th on restart. However, suffers the same problem as Prost from lap 10 onwards and slides down the order before pitting for repairs, lap 30. Continues at original speed afterwards, but like Prost has lost too much time in the pits and ends up 10th, three laps down, but ahead of Serra on aggregate.

March 821-Cosworth
17. Jochen Mass (Ger)
18. Raul Boesel (Brz)
19. Emilio de Villota (Sp)

Emilio de Villota fails to qualify by 7/10ths of a second, but both Mass (19th) and Boesel (21st) make it in with relative comfort. Mass then drives best race of year, up to 14th by race stoppage. Then running 11th laps 10-16, ahead of both Lotuses and Watson, before inevitably sliding back with tyre trouble. Moves back up as others hit problems to finish a lapped 7th, just failing to catch ailing Laffite on the last lap. Boesel less lucky - hit by Baldi on first lap and retires in the pits with broken suspension.

Fittipaldi F8D-Cosworth
20. Chico Serra (Brz)

Serra qualifies for the third time in 1982, albeit last and only due to Piquet's problems. Effectively runs last the whole race, with only the repair-delayed Tyrrells and Renaults behind him, but keeps it away from the walls and finishes 11th on aggregate, the last classified runner.

Alfa Romeo 182-Alfa Romeo
22. Andrea de Cesaris (It)
23. Bruno Giacomelli (It)

Once again Autodelta find their car works better on slower tracks, with de Cesaris superb 2nd on the grid and Giacomelli 6th. Unable to keep with Prost, de Cesaris holds second laps 1-3 before brushing a wall under pressure from Rosberg, damaging a driveshaft and retiring in the pits. Giacomelli finishes first race in 5th, and runs between Pironi and Cheever in the battle for 3rd. Passed by Cheever and Lauda lap 26, but moves back up to 5th when Prost drops back. Back down to 6th again when Watson goes by, and then locks up, lap 31, when trying to repass the McLaren, breaking front-left suspension on the McLaren before hitting a wall to finish the job. Another promising but ultimately fruitless showing.

Ligier JS17B-Matra
25. Eddie Cheever (USA)
26. Jacques Laffite (Fr)

After disastrous debut of JS19 in Monaco, team reverts to JS17B for North American outings. Rewarded with best performance of the year. Cheever qualifies 9th, up to 7th at the start and 6th by stoppage. 5th after restart, before passing Giacomelli and pressing Pironi for 3rd/2nd. Passed by Watson and Lauda, but then takes Pironi and Rosberg on his way to excellent second place. Laffite almost as impressive. Qualifies 13th, 10th on restart. Passes Mansell, Arnoux and Daly before hitting Pironi on lap 41. Nevertheless moves into 5th and continues to run well, passing Rosberg into third by lap 62. However, then loses a lot of power from the engine and begins to drop back, eventually finishing 6th for first point of 1982. A good weekend for Talbot Ligier team.

Ferrari 126C2-Ferrari
28. Didier Pironi (Fr)

Despite Patrick Tambay being widely reported as signing to drive the second car, team decide to tackle North American races as one-car operation. Pironi qualifies 4th, but has difficult race as the heavy Ferrari struggles through slow corners. Nevertheless drives with some alacrity and takes over second from Prost, lap 28. Passed by Watson, Lauda and Cheever before being knocked off by Laffite, but continues in 6th and makes up places as others retire to finish satisfied 3rd, moving up to second place in the championship.

Arrows A4-Cosworth
29. Marc Surer (Swz)
30. Mauro Baldi (It)

Both cars qualify for first time in 1982 - Baldi 24th, Surer 19th. Baldi has short but highly exciting race, hitting no less than four people on the first lap, retiring in the wall after bouncing off Boesel. Surer less spectacular but more reliable, keeping up 100% finish rate with sensible run to lapped 8th place.

Osella FA1C-Cosworth
31. Jean-Pierre Jarier (Fr)
32. Riccardo Paletti (It)

Another barren weekend, both drivers unhappy with Pirelli tyres. Lack of Tolemans means no prequalifying, and Paletti makes the grid in 23rd, with Jarier 22nd (despite hitting a wall). Both crash in warm-up, however. Jarier then hits the wall again on formation lap, and heads into pitlane where Paletti is waiting in repaired spare. As team's number 1 driver exercises his contractual right to the car, and takes start from the pitlane. Drops in after three laps from 20th with electrical trouble causing ignition problems to retire.

Theodore TY02-Cosworth
33. Jan Lammers (Hol)

Team signs full contract with Goodyear for rest of 1982. However, Lammers suffers a suspension failure in Friday exploration session, hits a wall and breaks his thumb, ruling the Dutchman out of the meeting. With no qualified replacement available, team withdraws from qualifying.

Toleman TG181C-Hart
35. Derek Warwick (GB)
36. Teo Fabi (It)

After being delayed returning from Monaco by a transporter breakdown, Toleman are unable to ready their cars in time for US Grand Prix and withdraw. They promise to join up with the rest of the teams in Canada, however,