Grand Prix Classic

Round 2 - Brazilian Grand Prix
Jacarepagua, 19-21 March, 1982
Team-by-Team Review

Brabham BT49D-Cosworth
1. Nelson Piquet (Brz)
2. Riccardo Patrese (It)

A switch back to the DFV-engined updated 1981 car (now with carbon fibre brakes and lighter than BT49C) seems to pay off. Piquet and Patrese only start 7th and 9th respectively, but Patrese has a great start. 6th by the end of the first lap; passes Pironi on lap 2, then Rosberg, closely followed by Piquet. Both pass Prost on lap 6 to go 3rd/4th and begin to pressure Arnoux. Piquet passes Patrese on lap 9, then Rosberg relegates the Italian to 5th, lap 17, but back to 4th when Arnoux retires, and 3rd when Villeneuve crashes. Then tires quickly in Brazilian heat, spinning down to 5th on lap 34, and retires in the pits the next lap. Piquet much more successful. Passes Arnoux on lap 19 and then pressures Villeneuve. Passed twice by chasing Rosberg but regains second on both occasions, and then applies so much pressure to Villeneuve that the Ferrari goes off. Breaks Rosberg's challenge and extends lead to over 10 seconds by lap 60, and wins by almost twelve seconds in front of delirious Brazilian crowd. Then collapses on podium, and subsequently disqualified for his car being underweight. A mixed meeting in all, and it remained to be seen whether the BT49D would be competitive without the water-cooled brakes wheeze.

Tyrrell 011-Cosworth
3. Michele Alboreto (It)
4. Slim Borgudd (Swe)

Heartening performance from Alboreto, who qualifies a respectable 13th. Up to 11th at the start; unable to keep pace with the Williams and McLaren cars, but presses on in midfield and makes up places through attrition, before passing Winkelhock for 6th three laps from the end. Moves up to 4th after the disqualifications for three valuable points. Borgudd still unimpressive in second car, qualifying 21st. Keeps ahead of Mass and Jarier on the way to 9th (7th after disqualifications), two laps down.

Williams FW07D-Cosworth
5. Carlos Reutemann (Arg)
6. Keke Rosberg (Fin)

Another strong performance in old car. Rosberg one of the stars of the meeting - the only DFV car to get near the turbos in qualifying, starting from 3rd. Passes Arnoux on first lap, only to run wide when challenging Villeneuve for the lead and slip down behind both Renaults. Passed by both Brabhams, but fights back, passing Prost on lap 16 and Patrese on lap 17 to run close 4th. To third when Arnoux drops back, and constantly attacking Piquet. Twice manages to get by, but re-passed both times. Up to second when Villeneuve retires, and then harries Piquet for the lead. Unable to match the Brabham's pace, settles for excellent second, 12 seconds behind. However, then excluded for being underweight. Reutemann has less impressive weekend. Starts well from 11th to 6th, but unable to follow Rosberg and the Brabhams. Instead battles with Lauda, knocking the McLaren out on lap 22 before colliding with Arnoux a few corners later and retiring.

McLaren MP4B-Cosworth
7. John Watson (GB)
8. Niki Lauda (Aut)

Lauda qualifies fine 5th, with Watson 12th after suffering bad understeer. Lauda down to 7th at the start, and soon passed by flying Piquet. Settles down and passes Reutemann, but hit by the Williams and tours around to the pits to retire with broken suspension. Watson makes usual steady start, but moves up to 6th, lap 22, after Arnoux/Reutemann/Lauda retirements. Into fifth as Villeneuve crashes out, then passes spinning Patrese to fourth, lap 34. Relentlessly pressures Prost but unable to pass, settling for 4th, within three seconds of the Renault. Promoted to 2nd by Piquet/Rosberg disqualifications.

ATS D5-Cosworth
9. Eliseo Salazar (Chi)
10. Manfred Winkelhock (Ger)

More progress from reorganised team. Practice sees Winkelhock 15th and Salazar 18th. Winkelhock drives steady midfield race to enter the points for the first time in only his second start on lap 35. Passed by Alboreto three laps from the end to finish disappointed 7th, but bumped up to 5th by the disqualifications for his first ever points and equalling team's best ever finish (plus first score for Avon in only their second race). Salazar runs competitively in midfield until lap 39 engine failure.

Lotus 91-Cosworth
11. Elio de Angelis (It)
12. Nigel Mansell (GB)

Team mainly aiming to get racing mileage on new Lotus 91, but are still disappointed with underwhelming 11th (de Angelis) and 15th (Mansell, despite briefly putting one of the new 91s out of commission on Saturday and having to revert to the spare 87B). Both run well early on, but de Angelis spins, lap 16 and drops down the order. Finishes the car off with some catch-fencing six laps later. Mansell does better - in the points after Villeneuve retirement, and then moves up to 5th when Patrese drops out. Unable to close on Watson but holds unlapped 5th for Lotus' first points of the season. Doubles his score by moving up to 3rd after the exclusions.

Ensign N181-Cosworth
14. Robert Guerrero (Col)

Guerrero clear to drive, having solved dispute with Maurer. However, his inexperience and troubles with the new N181 chassis left the Columbian to 28th fastest in practice, and he failed to qualify.

Renault RE30B-Renault
15. Alain Prost (Fr)
16. Rene Arnoux (Fr)

A big chance from the dominance of South Africa. Prost still takes pole, but Arnoux 6th, behind two Cosworth runners. Arnoux had great start (to 2nd), Prost a bad one (to 4th). Arnoux briefly passed by Rosberg, but both get past the Williams at the next corner. Run 2nd/3rd, laps 2-6. Prost runs wide and slips down to 5th, lap 7. Both are unable to escape DFV cars. Rosberg pushes Prost down to 6th, lap 16, and Piquet passes Arnoux for 2nd, lap 19. Arnoux then drops down the field after an excursion, only to be hit by Reutemann and forced to retire. Prost unable to catch Patrese or the leading trio due to engine trouble, and sets out to finish. After retirements of Patrese and Villeneuve does so, in third, nearly 40 seconds behind winner Piquet and having been pressured by Watson for most of the last half of the race. Promoted to 1st after Renault protest the water-cooled brakes on Brabham/Williams cars, and provisionally handed 5th Grand Prix win, maximum points from first two races and 11-point lead over Watson in the driver's championship.

March 821-Cosworth
17. Jochen Mass (Ger)
18. Raul Boesel (Brz)

Reliable but slow car makes little impression, despite slick new colour scheme thanks to new main sponsor Rothmans. Boesel qualifies a respectable 15th for his home Grand Prix, but crashes out after contact with Daly, lap 12. Mass (confirmed for the full season along with the Rothmans deal) starts 22nd and spends nearly whole race sandwiched between Borgudd and Jarier on his way to 10th place, 2 laps down. Promoted to 8th by exclusions.

Fittipaldi F8D-Cosworth
20. Chico Serra (Brz)

With several new sponsors adorning previously blank car, Serra once again qualifies the old car for driver and team's home race. Starts 25th and runs at the tail of the field until crashing out of 13th out of 14 runners on lap 37, badly damaging the car. Extra funding raised by Emerson Fittipaldi at least means his team look set to continue, however, and that work can begin on a new car.

Alfa Romeo 182-Alfa Romeo
22. Andrea de Cesaris (It)
23. Bruno Giacomelli (It)

New 182 finally replaces two-year old 179. However, little improvement. Giacomelli only 16th in qualifying, de Cesaris a decent 10th. After running 7th early on, de Cesaris suffers evil handling after running over a kerb and dislodging undertray. Pits for repairs, but forced to retire. Giacomelli struggles with a misfire almost from the start. A pit-stop fails to remedy the problem, forcing him to park out on the circuit after just 16 laps when the engine fails altogether. Early days for new car.

Ligier JS17-Matra
25. Eddie Cheever (USA)
26. Jacques Laffite (Fr)

Disastrous meeting for Talbot-backed team. Laffite 24th on the grid, Cheever just squeezing in at 26th, both only qualifying after late improvements on Saturday. Unable to try water ballast wheeze as the cars are grossly overweight anyway. Neither goes any better in the race, Laffite running at the tail of the field until lap 16 retirement with misfire; Cheever out on start/finish line with water leak. With Matra engine showing its' age, and new car not due until San Marino, it's difficult to see much improvement on the horizon.

Ferrari 126C2-Ferrari
27. Gilles Villeneuve (Can)
28. Didier Pironi (Fr)

Another promising but ultimately unsatisfying weekend. Villeneuve qualifies excellent second and takes lead at the start. Leads half the race, but unable to pull away from pursuers due to use of hard Goodyear tyres (forced upon him by the weight of the car and the power delivery of the engine). Expertly fends off Piquet until surprised on lap 30 and forced onto grass, promptly shooting across the track, into the barrier and retirement. Pironi starts disappointing 8th, still feeling the after-effects of huge testing crash at Paul Ricard, and with boost turned down to aim for reliability. Up to 5th at the start. Passed by Patrese, lap 6, then runs wide and slides off, dropping to 13th. Stops for new tyres, but in heavy car with reduced straight-line speed is unable to make particularly rapid progress. Finishes lapped 8th, and while exclusions elevate him to 6th for the team's first point of the year, clearly more work needed.

Arrows A4-Cosworth
29. Brian Henton (GB)
30. Mauro Baldi (It)

Henton again fails to qualify tricky A4 chassis. Baldi does so, in decent 19th for Grand Prix debut. Runs respectably in midfield until long lap 28 stop to repair damage caused by an off-track excursion. Then continues to finish 12th, 6 laps down, and promoted to 10th after disqualifications. Team happy to get some mileage in new car, but seem to be in limbo while awaiting the return of injured Marc Surer.

Osella FA1C-Cosworth
31. Jean-Pierre Jarier (Fr)
32. Riccardo Paletti (It)

Paletti slowest of all in Friday morning session, and fails to qualify for the main timed sessions. Jarier starts 23rd and spends whole race behind Borgudd and Mass, also invoking Rosberg's ire for poor manners while being lapped. Continues to finish 11th, 3 laps down, and promotion to 9th after exclusion gives the Italian team their first top 10 classification.

Theodore TY02-Cosworth
33. Derek Daly (Ire)

In new barely-tested TY02, Daly qualifies a respectable 20th. Runs in midfield in early stages before being pushed off by Boesel after 13 laps. Team now need funds and time to properly develop new car.

Toleman TG181C-Hart
35. Derek Warwick (GB)
36. Teo Fabi (It)

After relative success in South Africa, neither driver qualifies in Rio. Fabi bumped from grid by Cheever late on Saturday, while Warwick, plagued by more mechanical problems, slowest of all in qualifying.