Starring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor
with Sophie Aldred as Ace

152 Remembrance of the Daleks

Possibly the best use of the Daleks ever, helped by a fine plot that keeps them central without overdoing it. McCoy's performance is excellent, while Ace's ridiculous vocabulary has been toned down without losing her edge. It looks terrific thanks to a decent budget and Morgan's kinetic direction, and has a couple of really good twists along the way.


153 The Happiness Patrol

Long disregarded by those who don't understand the reasoning behind the design, "The Happiness Patrol" is the Seventh Doctor at his finest, arriving on Terra Alpha at random, deciding he doesn't like things and taking the corrupt regime down. So many fine scenes are compacted into three breakneck episodes it's difficult to list them all, though the crane shot over Helen A at the end is majestic.


154 Silver Nemesis

The weak link in the season (and possibly the era), "Silver Nemesis" cribs from "Remembrance of the Daleks" without managing to actually make itself coherent or exciting in the process. Unusually it's full of padding, and goes completely off the rails by the third part. Fiona Walker is terrible, but at least (unlike Anton Diffring) she actually bothers. The social workers scene is one of the most embarrassing in the show's history, and the Cybermen are absolute rubbish.


155 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The heavily satirical script is probably a little too arch and catty to be particularly enjoyable, and some of the surrealism is forced. However, there are some fine set-pieces and excellent performances (especially from TP McKenna and Jessica Martin) and the glacial pace gives the story an unsettling, dreamlike feeling.