Starring Colin Baker as The Doctor
with Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown and Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush
featuring Anthony Ainley as The Master

144 Trial of a Time Lord Parts 1-4

A fine start to the season, with a good mystery plot concerning Ravalox, and some neat ideas. Glitz and Dibber are one last great double-act from Robert Holmes, while even the gaudy design of the underground doesn't detract from the thing. Good work from Baker and Bryant too, while the trial scenes themselves are well-played.


145 Trial of a Time Lord Parts 5-8

What is very nearly an entertaining story is ruined by a botched ending and intrusive scenes in the trial, which repeatedly pop up at the wrong time. Super performances from everyone (but especially Nicola Bryant and Brian Blessed), some fabulous ideas and a generally interesting plot are completely wasted as the last episode falls apart and we're not even sure how much of what we've seen even happened.


146 Trial of a Time Lord Parts 9-12

Tacky, confusing nonsense. The trial scenes are now really getting in the way of everything, and take a turn for the convoluted - especially when the Doctor is apparently stupid enough to use evidence of genocide for his defence. The Vervoid storyline is also largely terrible, as a couple of good ideas are overridden by the Bakers' penchant for hammy melodrama and shallow characters.


147 Trial of a Time Lord Parts 13-14

A desperate attempt to pull things together, the sequences set inside the Matrix look great and draw on some interesting surrealism. However, the trial scenes are a complete mess, and the story doesn't so much climax as just try to get it all out of the way, leaving a real train wreck behind it.