Starring Tom Baker as The Doctor
with Lalla Ward as Romana, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka and John Leeson as the voice of K9
with Anthony Ainley as The Master

110 The Leisure Hive

Possibly the best directed story in Doctor Who's history, "The Leisure Hive" is a decent statement of intent from the new production team. The plot perhaps slips into technobabble at times, but it's fascinating to watch due to the stunning visuals, brilliantly acted (notably by David Haig) and a refreshing change in approach.


111 Meglos

Some great concepts and ideas are somewhat lost in poor realisation. The Gaztaks are campy when gritty was called for, Meglos' ultimate plans are a little muddy, and there's no real debate between the Savants and Deons due to the latter being such nutters. Plus the downside of the Chronic Hysteresis is that we repeatedly have to watch some of the worst acting Baker and Ward ever did on the show over and over again...


112 Full Circle

Another 'idea' story, "Full Circle" adeptly blends discussions on evolution with being a good old Doctor Who monster story. It's perhaps a little too serious in some places, but the direction is excellent and the Starliner set is terrific. Add in some spooky location footage and a passable debut for Adric, and the result is a solid four-parter.


113 State of Decay

What feels like an escaped Williams story with added highbrow jargon actually works quite well for the most part. Vampire staples are played nicely, while the Doctor and Romana get one last outing as a team. Adric is largely side-tracked, but does enough damage in the scenes he does get, being deeply unlikeable. The realisation of the Great Vampire is awful, though, and it runs out of steam badly in the last episode.


114 Warrior's Gate

Nearly as lush visually as "The Leisure Hive", "Warrior's Gate" has aged well, having the guts to make the story a little abstract and non-linear, trusting the audience to put the pieces together. The slaver crew are well defined, and there are just so many great scenes and lines, culminating in Romana's mature, winning departure. Fantastic.


115 The Keeper of Traken

Tedious and talky, and the first story of the year to cross from literate to pretentious. Flowery dialogue fails to distract from the repeated imprisoning of the leads, or some of the unintentional comedy - the Melkur prop peeking through the door, Cassia's eyes, the Master's teeth... A very long-winded way of reintroducing the latter, not helped by an uninspired cast.


116 Logopolis

Aside from the emotional departure of Tom Baker, and some good interaction with Ainley's Master, this is largely rubbish. The Logopolis scenes are as dull as ditchwater, huge chunks of the plot fail to make any sort of sense and it just feels like we're treading water until the regeneration. Janet Fielding has to deal with some awful scripting, too.