Starring Tom Baker as The Doctor
with Louise Jameson as Leela
and John Leeson as the voice of K9

92 The Horror of Fang Rock

A simple concept (alien besieges light house) realised so well that it becomes an all-time great. The Rutan is a genuinely threatening enemy, both the lighthouse crew and the survivors from the boat feel like real people, the claustrophobic setting works marvels and Leela is still really working. Add in a gloomy performance from Baker, and you have a real classic.


93 The Invisible Enemy

A jarring lapse into the tacky and camp. No-one in the cast takes the thing seriously, which is just as well as no-one watching will either. Another mad idea from Baker & Martin spun out to desperately fill a story, and it's really badly made as well. K9 makes a mediocre debut, and some of the science on show is laughable. Plus the virus is a big prawn, which hardly helps.


94 Image of the Fendahl

Hammer-esque stuff with an excellent basic storyline. The execution tends to be divisive, but I like Colby, damn it. The Fendahl is actually a little creepy. The blend of science and the supernatural is handled well and it moves along with a decent enough pace - though Leela is wasted and K9 is sidelined, in favour of the guest characters. A bit mindless in places, but strong enough elsewhere to make up for it.


95 The Sun Makers

Robert Holmes' mature script, full of sly one-liners and asides, fails to mask another rebels-versus-oppressors storyline. The production seems at odds with the material, and even with itself - the Gatherer and Collector Hade are played for laughs, and Tom Baker gives a lighter turn as the Doctor, whereas Leela and the rebels feel like they've invaded from another story. Rarely dull, but not an outright success.


96 Underworld

Despite the interesting things "Underworld" has to say about the Time Lords, it really isn't very good at all. It's cheap, but the problem is more with a plot that promises much but totally fails to deliver. The mythical references jar with the way such silly ideas are done with a straight face, and the story is mercilessly dull.


97 The Invasion of Time

Remembered for Tom Baker's exceptional villainous performance early on and that cliffhanger, there really isn't much else to recommend this one for. The citadel scenes don't have the wit of "The Deadly Assassin", and the supporting characters are dire. Even the famed entrance of the Sontarans is badly used - the plot runs out of impetus when the Vardans are defeated, and the heroes then just run around for two episodes while the Doctor builds a plot device.