Starring Tom Baker as The Doctor
with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
and Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan

80 Terror of the Zygons

The staple UNIT alien invasion plot is revisited with considerable style - the Zygons are terrific in all respects, the location filming is great and the whole thing is carried off with commendable élan. The Skaresen lets down the production side a little, but neat scripting and some fine performances carry the rest of the thing nicely. The last proper UNIT story for 14 years actually showed they still had life in them when well-used.


81 Pyramids of Mars

A gorgeous resampling of Hammer's Mummy films, seamlessly blended with science fantasy. Several scenes are genuinely iconic, and some very fine actors really round out the characters. Michael Sheard makes Laurence Scarman adorable, and his death is heartbreaking - from about 20 minutes' screentime. Both Archard and Woolf are chilling, and the whole story is blessed with good visuals, fast pacing and big ideas.


82 Planet of Evil

Another atmospheric thriller, this time located into outer space. Frederick Jaegar matches Tom Baker, the events keep you guessing and it's surprisingly unsettling. The attention to detail is what really wins through ("He was Morestran Orthodox"/"Oh, one of those..."), together with the ability to keep clichés at bay. Once again, this could have been very silly, but comes off nicely.


83 The Brain of Morbius

A slight comedown on the back of the previous stories, "Brain of Morbius" is nevertheless an excellent piece of work. Philip Madoc turns in a superb performance as Solon, though it tends to sag a little when the Sisterhood are on screen - they're a perfectly acceptable part of the plot, but the heavy modelling on Shakespearean witches leads to a bit too much melodrama. Elisabeth Sladen excels, though, especially when Sarah is blinded.


84 The Android Invasion

A sore thumb amongst a very high-quality season. It's as if Terry Nation is determined to fit ideas into the script (the duplicate village, conquest by plague, a lost astronaut, robot doubles) and welds them together with little thought towards logic or coherence. The result is a shaky scaffolding which stops making sense very early on (how can the Kraals create a village entirely from Crayford's memory in such detail, and yet leave so many clues that something weird is going on?), and ends up a complete mess.


85 The Seeds of Doom

An incredibly unusual story that makes a refreshing change. The simple plot is played out excellently through lots of colourful characters (Beckett and Challis are astonishingly good) and neat ideas, Tom Baker is having the time of his life as a maverick Doctor action hero and it really doesn't feel like six episodes. And yet it still feels like solid Doctor Who, through and through.