Starring Tom Baker as The Doctor
with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan

75 Robot

A clash between the new (Tom Baker and Ian Marter) with the old (the tired production team). It's as silly as they come, but rather fun, what with the robot itself, the awful special effects, the funny scientist and Baker adding in sheer enthusiasm what the script lacks in quality.


76 The Ark in Space

A dramatic debut for the new production team (Hinchcliffe and Holmes), managing to make the programme more serious without making it joyless. "The Ark in Space" is far from a total success (and not just because the Wirrn are rubbish, but is a very strong statement of intent, breaking clear of the smug nonsense of the past four years. Baker's Doctor is already firmly established, while Harry is tremendous fun.


77 The Sontaran Experiment

Well-filmed despite a limited budget, "The Sontaran Experiment" continues the stylistic redefinition of the series. There isn't a whole lot going on, really, but everyone puts in a good shift and all three leads continue to grow nicely. The story also shows up many others by containing its' slight plot in only two episodes.


78 Genesis of the Daleks

The jewel in the crown of Hinchcliffe and Holmes' first season, "Genesis of the Daleks" could have been the usual Dalek story (excepting Davros, and especially his scenes with the Doctor, a lot of the usual components are present), but is made with such conviction and panache it becomes something so much better. Everyone gives 110%, and the story refuses to flinch away from what a nasty business war is, and what horrible creatures the Daleks are.


79 Revenge of the Cybermen

The series ends on a baffling regression. The leads do their now-customary excellent work, but the plot is an absolute dog, full of huge logic failures. Despite the best efforts of Christopher Robbie, it isn't even funny due to the sheer wastefulness - a definitive Cybermen redesign is spurned on the most useless bunch seen yet (against some pretty stiff competition), while three colossal supporting talents (Wisher, Collings and Stoney) are hidden behind immobile Halloween masks. Absolute rubbish, and more than a little boring.