Starring Jon Pertwee as The Doctor
with Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
featuring Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Richard Franklin as Captain Yates and John Levene as Sergeant Benton

70 The Time Warrior

A fine opener. Sladen brings out the best in Pertwee, who acts for the first time in three years, ad Holmes' script is a wonderful mix of science fiction and medieval action serial. Irongron and Bloodaxe make terrific villains and a fine foil to the excellent Linx. Only the lame comedy with Rubeish lets the thing down, and even that can't counteract the sense of fun and energy that's returned to the series.


71 Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Famed for its' dreadful special effects, "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" actually has a lot going for it. The plot pulls a few good twists out of the bag, including some actual character development for Mike Yates and an awesome couple of scenes for the splendid Benton. Malcolm Hulke takes the prescient step of making the dinosaurs a side effect of the story, thus keeping their screentime down and allowing a decent conspiracy story more space.


72 Death to the Daleks

Well, something was going to knock the season off course, and surprise, surprise it's another of Terry's recycled Dalek scripts. A couple of set-pieces are fiddled with and the odds juggled a bit, but the actual narrative drive relies on the same thing - the Daleks being rather poor. Bellal, a silly puzzle city and an uninspired group of off-the-shelf humans hardly help matters.


73 The Monster of Peladon

The same problems that dogged "Curse of Peladon" affect this sequel - it's talky, long and wears its' subtext on its' sleeve. That said, despite some silly costuming, "Monster of Peladon" isn't as bad as you'd think a Pertwee six-parter might be. Eckersley and Tharila are good characters, and the Ice Warriors are well utilised, but it's still a bit of an effort to get through.


74 Planet of the Spiders

A fitting end for the era, as Buddhist dribble, bad ideas, dodgy supporting characters, weak morals (the Doctor pretty much gets Clegg killed), flat action scenes (the dreadful episode-long chase that goes nowhere), dreadful music, hilarious effects and weak direction collide to produce a trainwreck of a would-be spectacular. Pertwee deserved a better send-off. The only plus points are the continued (belated) development of Mike Yates and the well-handled regeneration.