Starring Jon Pertwee as The Doctor
with Katy Manning as Jo Grant
featuring Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Richard Franklin as Captain Yates, John Levene as Sergeant Benton and Roger Delgado as The Master

55 Terror of the Autons

A respectable story is rendered moronic thanks to poor decisions by the production team. The Master brings tackiness and cliché (despite the quality of Delgado), while Jo contributes to the brain fade. Numerous unconvincing visuals (A CSO'd living room?!?) and some ignorant scripting don't help.


56 The Mind of Evil

Well-plotted and lavishly produced, "The Mind of Evil" feels more like a refugee from the previous season - though this might be because the lack of extant colour prints simply makes it less ugly than the stories around it. Despite lots of solid work, this one does start to drag, though.


57 The Claws of Axos

The Letts malaise really sets in. The addition of the Master is needless, the Doctor continues to be hugely unlikable, UNIT begin their descent into ineptitude, the visuals are terrible, the plot twist obvious, the script is populated by cartoonish characters (especially Chinn) and it's far too full of itself to even have any basic charm to it.


58 Colony in Space

A surprisingly decent use of The Master (which is a little undermined by the rest of the series) can't save this one. The simple story can't hope to support six episodes, and the cast fail to bring anything to the (admittedly limp) characters. Delgado makes a bold rescue attempt, but the drab surroundings, tacky aliens and leaden pace are too much for him.


59 The Daemons

Some fun variations on the format (the village location filming, more central roles for Benton and Yates, the basic concept of Azal) are undermined by bigger problems. The Doctor is a condescending bore, UNIT (aside from the aforementioned regulars) are reduced to comic relief, the effects are dreadful and once more there's no need for the Master. And the less said about the defeat of Azal and the capture of the Master, the better.