Starring Jon Pertwee as The Doctor
with Caroline John as Liz Shaw
featuring Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

51 Spearhead from Space

A stylish reinvention of the show. It possibly takes a bit too long to get the Doctor into the story, but UNIT are well-handled as a serious organisation, and Caroline John makes an excellent start. The film look and location shooting fits the script like a glove, notably with the Auton rampage, lending a slick, dynamic feel to the production.


52 The Silurians

The interesting plot with its' sympathetic monsters is well handled, and allows for the Doctor's characterisation to take a different turn. As usual, Malcolm Hulke turns in a script full of well-nurtured characters, even if the plot itself is slow, and there are some impressive acting turns. However, Liz is sidelined already, and Pertwee's Doctor is already showing the first signs of becoming needlessly obstructive and petulant.


53 The Ambassadors of Death

Another experiment with the motives of the monsters, though this time they go the whole hog with a complex script full of twists and turns. Clever direction gives several scenes a fitting dreamlike feel, but the stops are also pulled out for some excellent fight scenes. An intelligent script well worth the patience it asks for from the viewer.


54 Inferno

Who's first dabble with parallel universes is a resounding success thanks to the careful nuances of the cast (many of whom give two similar, yet subtly different, performances) and an ability to make mundane scenes on paper come across as tense - you can feel the heat in the drilling room. Full of excellent scenes, it's a shame that this would be the zenith of Jon Pertwee's tenure as the Doctor.