Starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor
with Fraser Hines as Jamie McCrimmon and Wendy Padbury as Zoe Herriot

44 The Dominators

Paralysingly dull. A tedious lecture on pacifism dragged out to five mind-numbing episodes. Troughton, Hines and Padbury are excellent, but you can get that in other stories. The Quarks are cute, but hilarious, while Ronald Allen and Kenneth Ives take things far too seriously. It's pretty hard to care about the vapid Dulcians to boot. Points are awarded to anyone who makes it through the thing.


45 The Mind Robber

A hugely stylish slice of fantasy packed with neat wordplay, striking images and smart concepts, there's probably more plot in this one alone than the rest of Season 6 combined. The memorable set-pieces come so thick and fast there isn't space to list them, the regulars are on fire and the budget just about holds up to what's needed. By turns funny, tense and clever, this is one of the best of the whole series.


46 The Invasion

Big budget action sequences and good performances help make up for the lack of pace (there's a decent four-parter in here). Some moments are incredibly stupid (the sewer sequence, for example), but at least the Cybermen are well-used, thanks to their large number, superb redesign and strong performance against UNIT. Works better with the two episodes missing, though, even if the Cosgrove Hall animation is great stuff.


47 The Krotons

There's more than a little overlap with "The Dominators" in terms of the rough plot, but things are better handled here - the Gonds are easier to like for a start, plus the plot is more focused. The title monsters are probably even worse than the Quarks, but "The Krotons" moves a bit faster and features some excellent interplay between the leads.


48 The Seeds of Death

In something of a motif for the season, a workable plot is forced to take up far too many episodes, and in this case it's fatal. The leaden pace is emphasised by the many, many shots of Ice Warriors slowly clumping up and down corridors. Despite some location filming, it feels like it's taking place in four boxes connected by the T-Mat. Points to Terry Scully for some excellent work as Fenshaw, though the story doesn't deserve him.


49 The Space Pirates

Little articulates the production troubles of the year than "The Space Pirates" making it to the screen. The basic concept is workable, but it's brought to the screen with no style or verve whatsoever, and what could have been a fun romp comes out as two and a half hours of treacle-paced cheap rubbish.


50 The War Games

Despite its' intimidating length, "The War Games" is surprisingly watchable. Plot movement is cyclical, but somehow maintains the interest due to some well-crafted characters and committed performances. The last episode kicks into a higher gear with the ominous arrival of the Time Lords, and the final scenes are rather touching as three superb regulars move on from the show.