Starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor
with Fraser Hines as Jamie McCrimmon, Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield and Wendy Padbury as Zoe Herriot

37 Tomb of the Cybermen

Beautifully made, well cast and suitably atmospheric, "Tomb of the Cybermen" goes some way towards saving the titular monsters, while the straightforward narrative is masked by interesting supporting characters. It does lose its' direction a little after the Cyber Controller enters proceedings, but retains its' pace and interest. A good thriller, even if some bits haven't aged well.


38 The Abominable Snowmen

Some very interesting ideas and an unusual setting form a solid base for the story, but despite the strength of the Great Intelligence and the fun of the Yeti, the story is overlong. Some good location scenes and careful direction help with the feeling of isolation, and the leads are as excellent as ever, but there are many dull passages.


39 The Ice Warriors

Another base under siege story, though the changed setting prevents too much repetition. The snowbound sets are quite impressive, and the Ice Warriors themselves are excellent. Also worthy of note is a great performance by Peter Sallis. Sadly, the scenes inside the base tend to drag on a bit, and the telegraphed science versus old ways angle is very boring - it's no surprise when the answer is compromise... The story also possibly benefits from a third of it being absent.


40 The Enemy of the World

The unusual plot is surprisingly good - a slice of comic book adventure more like something out of TV Comic, but good. It's not perfect, but comes as an interesting change of pace. Troughton shows his acting chops with a great turn as villain Salamander, Fariah is stunning, Griffin is hilarious and everyone involved seems to be having the time of their lives. A slick thriller.


41 Web of Fear

Back to the base stories, but this one carries it off so well it's hard to begrudge its' rough format. Beautifully directed, with a real atmosphere of claustrophobia and paranoia. Fine scripting (and acting) makes it count as those inside are picked off, and the Yeti are much more effective in the enclosed, murky sets. Good start for Nicholas Courtney, too.


42 Fury from the Deep

A low point for the era. Effectively a stripped down remake of "The Tenth Planet" relocated to the moon, and a base populated by cheap stereotypes and very stupid people. The Cybermen, despite the makeover, are terrible too thanks to their rampant stupidity. It's phenomenally dull, and the regulars spend long passages just sitting around doing nothing.

1/10 Whoops! Bear with me while I find me notes :s

43 The Wheel in Space

Everything that went right with "Power of the Daleks" goes wrong here. Whittaker's pedantic script establishes the detailed Wheel setting then does nothing interesting with it, while the Cybermen might as well be anyone (and despite another redesign, fail to impress). A notably poor cast (with the notable exception of the instantly likeable Zoe) doesn't help matters at all, and the end result is like watching paint dry.