Convertors Mini Bot WagonWagon (V1)
Mini Bot

Patrol country sides on the look out for Invaders

Data -

Height: 5.5m
Width: 3.6m
Weight: 2.0t

Another Robo Car release, another Diaclone-inspired alt mode and colour scheme... The figure transforms into a Toyota Hilux (and not a Ford Bronco as I thought before... in my defence, the raised 'TOYOTA' on the front grill wasn't present on the Convert-a-Bots version I was working on for the first version of this capsule), and it's a blue one. It thus bears a passing similarity to the blue version of the 4WD Hilux Car Robot (later released as Trailbreaker in the Transformers line).

Convertors Mini Bot WagonWagon's colour scheme is surprisingly eye-catching - it's a really lovely shade of darkish blue, and the yellow plastic somehow, somehow sets it off nicely. Once again the solid diecast rear section - with no windows - work against the nice detail work, though the Hilux is nice as these horrid machines go. The original Mark version had stickers to represent the windows, but these were silvery grey, and so wouldn't look stunning anyway. For a cheap and cheerful little car it's not a bad alt mode, though.

Convertors Mini Bot WagonThe robot mode's pretty nice as well. Well-proportioned, with the legs about the right size compared to the rest of him. Again, somehow the blue and yellow works well, and the stickering is subtle. Not so sure about the single Cyclops optic - if it wasn't used on the Soarer mould it'd be a nice unique touch, but as the two of them have the same face, it doesn't really help with giving him much personality (were Convertors even meant to be sentient? Pass). The arm connectors, however, aren't as bad as they are on the knockoff version. That said, this one was mint-on-card until I ruined it for both future generations and collectors of sealed toys, and I doubt they support the weight of the arms that well if left in robot mode for long periods of time. The other annoying thing is the bottom of the feet parts is sloped, meaning Wagon is difficult to pose without him leaning forward.

Overall, it's a solid figure with two serviceable modes, raised by a punchy paint job. Wagon doesn't set the world on fire, but a combination of being a little different and a little more colourful than some of his counterparts makes him a nice little figure to have.