American Mini Bot

New, strong and fast. Voyager goes almost anywhere in his search for invaders.

Voyager was one of the toys made for Select by Mark to order. At least three variants were produced - one with a blue chest, one with a yellow chest, and one with a red chest. My one's seen better days, with one arm entirely missing, and the other glued in place. Ho-hum, but he'll do for now, and I'm an equal opportunities employer. At least until I get one with both arms, when this poor bastard will be chucked in my parts bin.

Convertors Mini Bot VoyagerVoyager's alternate mode is modelled on a Plymouth Voyager van. It's one of the few actual genuine transforming vans I can think of - oddly, lines either tend to plump for Minivans or SUVs, with the least glamorous type rarely covered... Still, it's nice for White Van Man to be immortalised in toy robot form. Or it would be, if there was a bit more of a difference between Voyager and Wagon. I mean, you can tell them apart easily enough, and the scaling issues make them more similar than the vehicles they're based on really would be, but it's still rather workmanlike by comparison. Okay, so that sort of fits, but it's not a particularly exciting mode. The stickers are pretty swish, though.

Convertors Mini Bot VoyagerVoyager's robot mode isn't much to look at. There's a weird set of stretched-looking legs, and yet the head is squashed in almost as an afterthought. The blue doesn't stand out very well compared to the white, and he's just generally rather unmemorable. Considering the vaguely similar alt modes, Voyager really doesn't come off well in comparisons to Wagon, lacking even the modicum of personality that mould musters. As with Baron, there's not a massive amount actually wrong with him, but there's a general air of "Will this do?" to Voyager. Still, at least you can imagine that he's some sort of angry plumber or something.

What interest there is in Voyager is largely from the fact that he's not interesting - he's a nondescript white van that turns into a nondescript robot. It's laudable, in a way, to have something so everyday alongside the flashier vehicles, but it hardly makes for a thrilling toy.