Looks friendly and harmless. Can be very dangerous to those who think they can control him.

Another chap who escaped from an unknown (well, to me anyway; presumably someone knows) line, probably designed by Mark. The range was also bootlegged by a number of manufacturers, as someone somewhere presumably realised how awesome they were.

Tilt transforms into a blue pinball machine (actually a lighter blue than my pictures). The pinball game is actually fully workable, if a little fiddly for adult hands. The stickers and header for a game named 'Space Wars' are nice touches, and it's a great little mode for desktop play. The machine can either be set up flat, or stood up.

The transformation isn't quite as straightforward as that for some of the others, but it is nicely done, and the robot mode is very cute with its' big red eyes, little claw hands and big long feet, not to mention the excellent moulded silver control panel on his chest, which looks like something more at home on an old tin-plate clockwork robot. The head can turn, and the arms can move at the elbow. While the figure is all-plastic, it's a better grade than some of the other Convertors figures, and this is a fine little toy that should be interesting to anyone who likes transforming robots.

It's between this guy, Focus and Spin for my absolute favourite Convertors across all ranges, and Colt aside all the Spies I have hold up well - it's good to have a few more unusual alt modes in the mix.

Thanks to Kali for the figure =)