Poisonous and deadly. If caught in is web it is almost impossible to escape. When he bites his victims most of them die.

As with Scorpio and Creeper, I'm not sure what line exactly Tenticus came from, but the scant regard for quality or durability nails him as a Mark design at least. So maybe he was devised to pad out the Zectron ranks. Maybe.

Convertors TenticusTenticus turns into a robotic tarantula, and it's a neat, eye-catching alt mode - once again, for the time, thinking outside of the box. The spider mode lacks much rigidity, sadly, although the big done and the four-eyed face are both excellent robotic takes on arachnid features. The silver and black works well too.

Convertors TenticusThe transformation is simple but neat, and the robot mode looks pretty good, but sadly once more the thing is made out of brittle plastic, and in this case wear cripples the figure. He can't even stand (in the picture, he's resting against the backing board) as the hip joints have worn out, while the hinge on the dome has gone - further adding to the imbalance. Even the arms just sort of hang there. It's a shame that such a smart mould has been so poorly rendered. The design is good-looking, but what's the point if he can't even stand?

I really, really want to like Tenticus - he gets the cybernetic insect look just right, and on paper the robot mode looks great (even if all those animal parts just fold away a bit). But he's so flimsy he can hardly stand, and that's deeply irritating.