*Motto/bio currently unknown, probably something along the lines of Spin being liable to really screw you over for cheap laughs*

This figure comes from the same line as Bandit and Tilt, most likely a set of Mark's own-designs, though see the former's capsule for my addled babbling on that subject. I'm only 50% sure he's even called Spin, to be honest, as the STA page on the Spies suffixes the name with a '?'. Spin's a great name, though, so that's good enough for me.

pin roulette machine modeSpin transforms into a black roulette machine (the range also included Vegas, a red roulette machine that's actually a totally different, inferior mould). The little roulette wheel actually works perfectly, and is rather sturdy. You could actually genuinely gamble with this chap. I'm not really sure if he's meant to stand up, or go flat on the floor - in the former the wheel won't spin, and in the latter he just doesn't look right. Still, it's a neat mode.

Spin robot modeIf he does stand on his end, the toy has the same intuitive, straightforward style of transformation as Bandit, exactly like a transforming roulette machine would work. The robot mode's really sweet too - the proportions aren't spot-on, but the big monkey arms lend him the air of being an ape-like bruiser, leading to the fun image of him working for casino security as a bouncer. There's articulation in the shoulders and elbows, while the roulette machine part can still be used. There's also one of those cute silver heads with two big friendly eyes.

A very cool figure well worth looking out for. Possibly caused a lot of kids to grow up to have a gambling addiction, or at least set up impromptu casinos in the playground until he was confiscated by a teacher.

Thanks to Kali for the figure =)