The great inner earth fighter. Not a true Avarian, blinded by the suns rays, he had to land on Avarious. He was soon adopted by the Avarians. He sleeps at day to avoid the sun, and hunts at night. Robat can see in total darkness.

No idea as to the origin of the figure, with only the usual speculation that Mark designed him themselves, possibly for Zectron. What's more interesting is that a) someone at Select actually put a little bit of effort into his bio above, which actually gives a glimpse of the Convertors universe and b) there was a knockoff version that a company attempted to pass off as Batman. Seriously - check the last two pictures on the top-right .

Great name. This guy changes from robot to bat... and this sentence is basically redundant, isn't it? The bat mode is rather funky, looking just the right amount of robotic, with an awesome gold-painted set of teeth.

The transformation is rather well-done for something of this order, with the chest hinging down to allow the arms to unfold from the inside, with the space then used to store the bat head. It's rather nifty - sadly, the Avarians were all made from rather brittle plastic. Robat is well-crafted enough for him to survive unbroken and with little wear, but he does feel a little lightweight. Articulation is the usual hips-and-shoulders deal, though the black plastic, stickers and semi-stored wings give him a nice shape - not quite as cartoony as his nearest relation, Transformers' Mindwipe.

A nice figure despite the mediocre quality, and one of the best Avarians.