His beautiful feathers and strut when he walks belies his ferocity. He lures his enemies to him with his beauty. Then he strikes fast.

I have absolutely no idea where Feathers comes from. I'm guessing, like the rest of the line, he's a Mark design, as I'm pretty sure Select didn't actually design any figures themselves for Convertors. The materials used and the complete lack of durability are a bit of a Mark trademark, and he might well have first appeared alongside Mark's Beetras clones in Zectron.

One of the most unusual figures from this subgroup, Feathers pulls a trick even Beast Wars didn't manage, that of a transforming peacock. The cheap production means he isn't actually particularly colourful, but this aside it's as decent a robotic peacock as you can possibly imagine. The silver 'feathers' are actually vitally important to the peacock's balance, so it's a shame the connecting hinge wears so easily.

The transformation largely involves all the bird features folding away onto his back, which is a little disappointing. The bird head especially flips away behind like it's some sort of fancy hat. Still, Feathers' robot mode manages to look surprisingly mean for someone who turns into a turquoise peacock. He has articulation at the shoulders and hips, while the combination of the 'pods' outside the arms and the jagged chrome peacock feathers gives him quite a unique look.

Worth it for the weird, as long as you can find a cheap one that actually stands up.

Thanks to Kali for the figure =)