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Mini Bot

In and out of cities on the look out for Invaders

Data -

Height: 3.9m
Width: 2.8m
Weight: 0.7t

City is taken from the Mark Robo Car line, and again takes its' cues from a Takara Diaclone. In this case it's the Honda City R Car Robot (which eventually evolved into the Transformers figure Skids), and what do you know, Mark randomly picked one of the same colour schemes to boot.

This is even more glaring on the box art, but the yellow secondary scheme distracts a little on the actual toy. I'm curious as to whether Mark did issue a red/black version (all of the Robo Car figures appear to have had variants with the secondary plastic parts in different colours; contrary to the later American Mini Bot figures, these don't seem to have been issued for Convertors, however).

Convertors Mini Bot CityThe colour scheme is nice, though the lack of paint apps let down the high level of moulded detail. To be fair, though, there could have been stickers for the windows which didn't get to this one - the Mark version does appear to have had those. I love the Honda City, so this one's onto a winner for me. It's a lovely cute little car and I've decided to dedicate my life to hunting down all the transforming ones. I'm actually pretty much there, seeing as I can't afford the myriad Diaclone versions and am not going to let that bother me, so it won't take much dedication, or much of my life. Just the way I like my goals.

Convertors Mini Bot CityThe robot mode's pretty neat too - squat, but at least this gives it a little individuality. This one also has the more durable arm layout (using the more stable posts moulded to the arms, rather than the weaker separate connectors used on some of the other Mini Bots), and a more personable face than Wagon/Sports (instead, City shares the design with Van). The yellow scheme works nicely in this mode, and while his proportions are a little odd, a lot of the charm of the vehicle is carried across to the robot. A few more dabs of paint the the head might have been helpful, but generally there's enough detail to break up the plastic areas.

City is the best of the Mark designs used for Convertors. The Honda City is always a winner, and the robot mode is just as cute. He lacks the design flaws of some of the other Mini Bots, and the arms being of a different design to the bulk is a big plus. The figure is also cheap and common, and so a great sampler to pick from the range.