When you think Bandit is on your side, he will turn on you.

I'm not quite sure what the origins of Bandit and the other game-based Spies are. I'm guessing they're Mark designs, and probably self-devised (I'm sure I'd have heard of any anime that featured transforming roulette and slot machines... Super God Casino Warriors would not be obscure, it'd be the greatest thing ever...). All I know is they turned up in Convertors. Some of them had Select stamps, though I believe Select stamped a lot of their stuff regardless of whether they designed it. The toy was also issued in several bootleg lines at around the same time, confusing things (or at least me) further.

Convertors BanditBandit turns into a slot machine, which is a very neat idea. He's covered in nice stickers, and best of all, the metal arm on the side actually activates a roller in his chest. While three separate wheels were obviously unfeasible at this scale, the sticker has a variety of results, so it is possible to 'play' the machine. It's great fun as a random decision maker, and well made too.

Convertors Bandit The transformation is simple, basically involving the machine standing up, but it's good fun nonetheless. It's a shame the arms don't go out further, however, as he can't reach far forwards. Despite his hunchbacked appearance, the robot is rather sweet with his chrome letterbox-shaped head and blue eyes, and the slot machine feature is still accessible. It's an unusual design, only partly successful but still fun.

Despite a few minor faults, Bandit is still a great little toy. It's nice to see something a bit different, and if your vices are gambling and toy robots, they're thoughtfully combined on this figure.

Thanks to Kali for the figure =)