Story: David Motton
Aldo Marculetta
Original Printing: Fleetway Super Library - Stupendous Series #8 (1967)

The Spider prepares to defend the Empire State Building from the authorities Probably the most fun Super Library outing I've read to date, this story is best read for its' splendid opening chapter, with the Spider (still a criminal, as the introductory page states) gets fed up with living in a cave, and effortlessly invades New York, humiliating the various authorities that try to get in his way. And then, just as he's beginning to enjoy his new accommodation, some chap named the Fulcrum turns up and tries to steal the city from underneath him - being a Spider strip, this is obviously attempted literally. Cue a very irritated Spider going all out to stop him.

David Motton hands in a very fine script (the ending is a great definition of the character), while Aldo Marculetta (who I bagged severely for the awful Jerry Siegel-penned "Professor of Power") does some fine pencilling, and while it's not up to the pace or style of the serials, it's still a great story.

Stupendous Series #8 - " The Spider and the Man Who Stole New York"