Story: Unknown
Reg Bunn
Original Printing: Lion Annual 1967

The Cobra attacks the SpiderThe Lion Annual generally featured a complete adventure for all the major stars of the comic, albeit a lot shorter than a full serial. These rarely used the writers or artists of the weekly comic, who often handled two or three strips themselves. In this instance, according to the King of Crooks hardcover, Reg Bunn did provide pencils - I'm not entirely sure this is correct, however, as the style is markedly different from his work on the weekly (this strip would have been roughly contemporaneous to "The Spider and the Exterminator").

The actual story itself is a little poor - six pages really isn't enough for much more than a contrived mess, and that's what we get. The Cobra appears for a single page before being unmasked, and there's even a clipped narrative box near the end explaining what exactly is going on, as there isn't space to do so.

The original story was printed in a nasty three-colour method, with brown joining black and white in the palette. This looked dreadful, so I greyscaled the scans. Trust me, it was the right move.

"The Spider in Cobra Island"