Nomura Baldios STNomura Baldios STI did pick up a Nomura ST Baldios in a job lot of other figures, albeit with a ton of parts missing. It's taller than a lot of ST figures I've owned by other manufacturers, and is only an inch or smaller than the CMs Gokin. It's pretty bulky rather than just tall, and features a phenomenal amount of diecast - the head, the arms, the waist and the yellow/red adornments on the legs are plastic. The rest is solid, reassuring diecast metal.

The boxy look isn't displeasing, and Baldios is thoroughly detailed - paint applications, different coloured plastic, a pinch of chrome, a well-realised head sculpt - it's nicely done, even if this example is far too battered to win me over in itself.

Nomura Baldios STNomura Baldios STArticulation is about par for an ST - swinging shoulders, hips and knees jointed to allow walking poses, though the way Baldios' leg joints are placed allows him a more natural gait than many of his contemporaries. The downside is the joints seem to work quite loose - this one is perpetually trying to topple forward.

The figure has no less than five build-in launchers as well - on top of the traditional wrists, the red pods on the outside of the legs can be pulled out and rotated to reveal another pair, while the chest plate can open up to reveal a disc launcher not dissimilar to that on Clover's Gundam DX - though this means the chest pieces themselves are quite weak. They're missing off this one for starters.

In good condition I'd rate this as a very decent diecast ST. However, you're looking at spending £60 up to get an unbroken one, and I'm quite happy with the Brave Gokin version.